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Thesis Title Of ESP

Daftar Judul Skripsi Prodi Bahasa Inggris

An Analysis of Studetn’s Mistakes in Translating Application Letter From Indonesia into English

The Methods of Teaching English in SMAN 1 Curup

Corelation Between Students’ Motivation in Following English Course and Their Achievement in English Subject

Teaching English in Islamic Boarding School (A Case Study on Pesantren Al-Iklas Lubuk Linggau)

Students’ Strategies in Improving English Vocabulary (A Case Study in STAIN Curup)

The Students’ Interest in Reading English text (A Case Study in STAIN Curup)

Students’ Problems in Studiying Participle (A case Study in STAIN Curup)

“An Eror Analysis in Using Past Tense(A case Study at Second year Studentns of English Study Program on 2003-2004 Academic year)

Student’sMotivation to Speak English by Using Pictures (A Case Study of SPMN 1 Curup)

The Correlation Between Students’ habit in reading English Literature and Their Achievement in Reading Comprehension (A Case Studyon the fifth semester of STAIN Curup on Academic Year 2004-2005)

The Influence of Teachers’ Abilities in Preparing Instructional Administration Toward Students’Achievements in the Second year of SMAN 1 Selupu Rejang

The Implementation of Conversation Activity to Improving Language Ability (A case Study of sixth semester students at English study program of STAIN Curup in the 2003-2004 Academic year

The Student’s Motivation in Learning English in Senuor high school and Vacational School

Student’s Difficulties in Speaking English (A case study at second class SMAN 1 Curup Academic Year 2004-2005

The Correlation Between Student’s Reading Habit and Their Translation Abilities (A case study at seventh semester of STAIN Curup in the 2005-2006 Academic year

Teachers’ Strategies in Closing the English Lesson at SMUN in curup District 2004-2005

Students’ Problem in Learning Tenses (A case Study on the tear of SMAN 1 Lebong Utara in the Academic year of 2004-2005

Implementation of English Subject in Connecting with Curriculum based on competency (A case study at SMAN 1Lebong Tengah)

A Grammatical Errors Analysis of Spoken Language Production of the thedth semester students of STAIN Curup

The Teachers’ Tehniques in Teaching Reading at SMAN 1 Lebong Tengah

The language games used by English teachers to develop students’ abilities in English at SDN 5 Air Rambai and SDN 43 Air putih lama Curup.

The instruction Methods Of English ( A case study
At primagama Curup )

The students’ abilities in using pronoun ( A Descriptive study Of student at second class Of
SMAN 1 Curup.

Students’ problems in mastering the reading task Of textbook (English on sky ) (A case study Of The First Level In SMPN 1 Curup )

The Correlation Between Using English Clipping and the Students Interest in learning English(A case study at second grade of SMAN 4 curup in Academic 2005-2006)

Student’s Ability to Translate From English to Indonesia (A case study at the second year level of marketing class in SMKN 1 Curup)

A Comparative Study of English Curriculum concept (1994) and Competence Based Curriculum Concept (2004)

Comunicative Approach in Teaching English (Study case in MAN Curup)

Students’ Errors in Using Simple Past tense and Present Perfect tense in written test(case study at students of fifth semester of English study program of STAIN curup on 2005-2006 Academic year)

Students’ Problem in English Usage

The Role of English Club in Relatedto Students English Achievement at SMAN 1 Curup Academic Year 2005/2006

Correlation Between Teaching Media and Students’ Vacabulary Achievement at Sixth Class of SDN 54 Curup

The Correlation Between Students’ Habit in Listening English Song and Their Result in Listening Skill (Correlative study of the fifth semester of English Program of STAIN Curup)

Correlation Between Reading Interest of English books and English Achievement (correlation research at third year of language program of MAN 2 Curup in academic year 2005/2006

The English Teacher’s Perception and Problem in Implementing of portfolio assessment based on curriculum 2004 (A descriptive study at SMPN. 2 Curup)

Developing speaking ability by using communicative approach of the second year student of SMPN 1 Curup

Student’s difficulties in understanding past tense contruction (A descriptive study of second year student of SMPN 1 Kepahyang)

Teachers Strategies in Teaching student’s vocabulary (Descriptive study at MAN 2 Curup)

A study of English summantive test at SDN 2 Curup Academic year 2004-2006

The Influence of the studen’s habit in listening English song and the student’s achievements in speaking English (STAIN Curup 2004-2005)

The correlation between mastery of English Vacabulary and speaking skill (A case study at the second year students of English study program of STAIN Curup academic 2004-2006

Comparative study of speech and discussion method in English learning at second class of MTS N 03 Kepahyang

The effect of Higg level questions on students’ reading comprehension at SMAN 1 Curup

The correlation between students’ attitude toward English and their achievement in learning English at the first year of students SMPN 1 Curup

Dominant teqhnique used by English teacher in teaching English to improve students’ vocabulary at SMPN in Kecamatan Curup

Teaching English Through Visual Aids (A comperative study of students at SDN. 18 and 39 Curup)

Teaching English vocabulqary throught poetry in increasing students’mastery on vacabulary comprehension can experimental research on the second year studens’ of MAN 2 Curup

Correlation between taking English course toward students’ English achievement ( Research study on the second year of SMA Naegeri 1 Curup)

Pre-Reading activities applied by English teacher at five SLTPN Curup

The corelation between students’ speaking ability and their paragraph writing achievement at fifth semester of English study program of STAIN Curup in the academic year 2004-2005

The English teacher’s problem in class room manajement at MTS Negeri Curup

Teachers’ techniques in teaching vocabulary of SMPN 2 Curup

Students’ difficulties in understanding conditional sentence (A case study of fourth semester of English study program at STAIN Curup 2005-2006 year)

Corelation between students’ attitude toward English lesson and student’s achievement in Englishs (A case study of SDN 04 Kepahhiang in 2005)

The English teachers’ 4th tudes to ward the evaluasi system 2004 curriculum at study case public senior high school in Kepahiang

Students’ strategies in learning writing (A descriptive study on the fifth semester student of English study program of STAIN Curup)

An error analysis on using coordinating conjunction in writing essay (A case study on third semester student of English study program of STAIN Curup)

Student’s mastery in using transition words in writing short essay (A case study the third year student of English study program STAIN Curup

Student’s master in using active and passive voice of simple present tense in sentences (A case study at fifth semester of English study program of STAIN Curup in academic year 2004-2005)

Student’s mastery on English Derivational Suffixes (A case study on third semester student’s of English sudent’s of English Study Program of STAIN Curup Academic year 2005-2006)

English Teacher’ Ability in Designing Intructional Planing in Mts Ar-Rahmah Islamic Boarding School Curup

Students Errors in Using Articles in Written test (A case study at the fifth semester of English program at STAIN Curup)

Student’s Problem in Translation (A case study on the seventh semester of English study program in STAIN Curup)

Students’ Ability in Using English Pronouns (A Descriptive study on the students’ of third semester of English study program of STAIN Curup 2005-2006)

A Pragmatics Analysis on the Violation of Cooperative Principle
(A documentary study on the film Pride and Prejudice)

Teacher’s Techniques in teaching English for defect students (study case at SDLB Air Bang Curup)

The correlation between students reading speed and reading comprehension (A study at fourth semester of English study program of STAIN Curup)

A Pragmatics Analysis of speech act on insult utterances
(in tom and jerry series)

An Analysis English of Code Switching in Indonesian Song Lyrics

A Study of Learning Strategies used by English Lecturers of STAIN Curup

Students’ perception toward lecturers’ technique on teaching speaking at STAIN Curup (A descriptive study of English Study Program Of STAIN Curup in Academic Year 2007-2008 and 2008-2009)

The students problem in writing narrative text (a case study of second level students of excellent class at SMPN 01 Curup 2008-2009

The effectiveness of word wall to increase students English vocabulary (an experiment study at fourth class of MIN 01 Dusun Curup)

Teacher’s strategies in responding the question of students’ (A descriptive study of English Teacher in SMU N I South Curup in Academic Year 2008-2009)

The influence of moving class toward students’ motivation in learning English ( A descriptive study of second years at SMAN 1 Curup Year 2009-2010)

The effect of storytelling toward the students’ listening achievement
(An experimental study on the Fifth Year Students of SD 09 Curup in Academic Year 2009-2010)
Implementation of pair-work discussion in understanding narrative texts (A descriptive study of the Eight grade students of SMPN 1 Curup)

Presupposition and Entailment Analysis in Harry Potter Novel
The English Teachers’ Techniques in teaching Reading Based on genre text(A study descriptive at the English Teacher of SMA Negeri 1 Curup Tengah)

Students problem in learning semantics pragmatics
(The descriptive study at English Program of STAIN Curup Academic Year 2005-2006)


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